About Us

Enolil Loo is a dynamic partnership providing personalised, prompt, “out-of-the-box” solutions-based legal advisory services.

The practice provides a comprehensive and integrated service covering a wide range of areas in which corporate and other clients look for advice in order to implement their business decisions.

At the heart of the practice, the lawyers in the firm engage in corporate finance, mergers and acquisition, capital markets, corporate commercial, structured finance, banking, corporate and debt restructuring, energy, infrastructure, privatisation and property law.

Enolil Loo prides itself in its ability to provide innovative and practical solutions and is constantly developing its range of services to meet the new demands of business and finance. Established as a broad-based corporate and commercial legal advisory service provider, Enolil Loo emphasises results-oriented excellence, efficiency and communication in providing professional service of the highest quality aimed at achieving long-term trust and satisfaction among its clients.

“Our Philosophy”

Enolil Loo is dedicated to providing legal advice and service of the highest quality in an environment which encourages a flexible approach and a responsive attitude towards client relationships.

Enolil Loo combines technical excellence in the law, a capacity for innovative thought and a positive approach. The lawyers in Enolil Loo handle a wide range of work so that they offer not only a depth of legal expertise but also a breadth of experience and sound commercial judgement.